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22 Oct 2014


  New Pressdan Company cordially would like to invite you to  visit our booth C16 in the 6th Middle East Pack ... Read More

About Us

Our philosophy

 Newpressdan built on the philosophy of community service and support the national economy through manufacturing and use of the latest technological methods and provide job opportunities for the operation of the Egyptian manpower, training and rehabilitation to reach the highest levels of efficiency.

And our belief in the importance of the packaging industry in Egypt, doomed the importance of the economic sector in the light of crystallization and the evolution of industry angle which is no longer confined to its role in maintaining the goods and ensure the safety of storage and distribution, but has become a packaging plays a marketing essential contribute directly to strategic marketing and promotional goods.

In light of this company is seeking Newpressdan all employees to provide all that is new in the world of packaging for all its customers and to provide all the solutions in which the customer can maintain its product rather, to help him in his plan marketing by offering products for packaging of high quality and promotion in the market suitable for items introduction where that is not our goal to provide the best quality and by post, but the success of our customers.